Sunday, November 4, 2007

Polka Dot Zippered Pouch

Hi everyone!

When I bought the polka dot fabric, I knew I had to make this pouch from it.


Height : 6.5 " (16.5 cm)
Width : A cool 15" =) (38.1cm)
Lining : Black colour (interfaced too)
Price : RM28 (not including delivery charges)
It's a (much) longer version of my earlier zippered pouch. I don't know what I'm going to put inside (hehehe) but I'll think of something. I just had to make it!

You can order yours too! It was such a joy making this. Maybe you won't want it as long as mine so do inform me on your desired length.
Anyway, I'd like to share with you a tote I custom made for a customer recently. Was surprised at how it turned out, and yes, it was a joy making this too!

Remember this fabric? It's the Japenese girls in Kimono fabric!

So happy with the way this tote turned out. Hope the customer will love it too!
Fabric update :
2 more fabrics added to my Flickr page so check em out!
Here's wishing you all have a good weekend!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oversized Tote

Hey everyone!

If I were still a student, THIS would definitely be the bag that I'd carry to class =)

But if you've graduated like me, you can still use this bag for so many things! I for instance use this when travelling to carry junk mostly (read: mags, purse, books) =)

I call it the Oversized Tote. Both are made from Ikea's fabric. Here are the specs :

Height : 13.5 " (34.3 cm ) excluding straps

Width : 18 " (45.7 cm)

Price : RM48 (not including delivery charges)

Here's the inside of the bag. There's a pocket for you to put things such as your handphone etc

The lining above is for the bag on the left

Here's a close up of the fabric for the pink bag :

These bags are doubled stitched for sturdiness.

Interested? E-mail me for pricing and to enquire about anything!

More bags coming so mark this page! Thanks!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Zippered Pouch

Hi everyone!

Here's the next item I made that's for sale. It's a zippered pouch/purse =)

You can use it as a pencil case or to put your keys, coins, handphones etc

Here are the specs:

Height : 5.4" ( 13.7 cm)

Width: 7.6" ( 19.3 cm)

White zipper, interfaced lining for sturdiness.

Price : RM15 (not including delivery charges)

For pricing and more information, e-mail me at

Updated on 9/10/08 :

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Black and White Series

Hi all!

They're finally here! The first collection of handmade bags by Dzaliqa. I call it the Black and White Series obviously due to the fabric =)

These are tote bags but I made the strap shorter so it doesn't really qualify as a shoulder bag. It's great for carrying light stuff such as your magazines, paperbacks etc

Here are the specs:

Width: 11" (27.9 cm)
Length: 13" (33.02cm) excluding straps

The straps are interfaced so that you'll have a nice grip on them.

The lining for the bag is light brown.
Price : RM36 (not including delivery charges)

For further enquiries such as the pricing and how to order, contact me at

Have a great day and watch this space for more bags by me! =)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Coming soon!

Hello everyone!

Watch this space!