Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oversized Tote

Hey everyone!

If I were still a student, THIS would definitely be the bag that I'd carry to class =)

But if you've graduated like me, you can still use this bag for so many things! I for instance use this when travelling to carry junk mostly (read: mags, purse, books) =)

I call it the Oversized Tote. Both are made from Ikea's fabric. Here are the specs :

Height : 13.5 " (34.3 cm ) excluding straps

Width : 18 " (45.7 cm)

Price : RM48 (not including delivery charges)

Here's the inside of the bag. There's a pocket for you to put things such as your handphone etc

The lining above is for the bag on the left

Here's a close up of the fabric for the pink bag :

These bags are doubled stitched for sturdiness.

Interested? E-mail me for pricing and to enquire about anything! dzaliqa@gmail.com

More bags coming so mark this page! Thanks!