Sunday, April 13, 2008


Hello all!

I've been away from this blog for 3 months but somehow it feels longer than that. Anyway I'm back and I'll slowly update this space.

Here's something new for this blog. I've been doing these easy to do sewing projects using free tutorials on the net and I'd like you to try it too. So here's project number one! =)

This is the Sweet Greetings Portfolio. There are two sizes for you to choose from and I made the small one. The large one is a bit of a challenge for me but if you're able to make it, do show me how it turns out! You can get this pattern (and a whole bunch of others) here . Amy Butler's site is amazing (she's amazing too! way beyond amazing) Just looking at the pictures on her website excites me =)

There are two compartments for the folio. I personally think you can use this to put just about anything. My small pen and notebook could fit in here.

So try doing this if you have the time and post up the pics for me to see =)

Anyway, back to the stuff that I sell, I've one stock left for the oversized tote that I made a bit smaller.

The usual dimension would be 13.5" (H) X 18" (W) but for this bag it is 12.5" (H) X 16.5" (W). The usual selling price would be RM45 (excluding delivery) but for this bag, it'll only be RM30 including delivery! As I mentioned earlier there's only one left so hurry! E-mail me at to place your order.

Have a good week ahead guys!