Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Red & White Handbag

Hello everyone!

Here's a handbag that got me quite excited. I've been wanting to do this kind of bag for quite some time. I know it looks like a smaller version of my oversized tote but I had a hard time finding the right measurement for it. So here's the final product! It's red, it's bright, it's scary as I'm not fond of sewing with bright colours. But it turned out great and what else can I do but share it with you guys =)

Here are the specs :

Height : 7.5 " (excluding straps)
Width : 13 "
Length : 3"
Price : RM48 (not including delivery charges)
It has a large pocket on one side of the bag and the bag closes with a magnetic snap.

This bag fits nicely under your shoulder and the size provides easy access to your stuff. Here's how it looks when you carry it.

The fabric that I use here is from IKEA. If red is too strong for you and you'd like this bag to be in other colours, it won't be a problem. So e-mail me at if you're interested! I'm selling this for RM48.

Have a good day everyone!

Updated on 27/8
Here's another view of the bag with a diff fabric that I made for a lovely customer :)