Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Handbag

Hello all!

So here's the long awaited post! I present to you my handmade handbags :)

Here are the specs :
Height : 7" (excluding straps)
Width : 10.75"
Strap length : 20" from on end to the other
Strap width : 1.13"
*Flap closes with velcro
*I use interface and batting to add structure to the body of the bag
Price : RM40 (not including delivery charges)

Here are some close-up pics of the polka dot handbag :

Close up pics of the green+brown+blue+white flowery fabric (it's from IKEA by the way) :

As you can see, the handbag is pretty small as I designed it that way. My wallet and handphone fits nicely in it. If you're going somewhere and would like to carry only those two items with you, this handbag is just perfect.

I used batting for the first time while making this bag. That's why you can see from the pictures the insides are not as flat and "nice" like my other bags. But I feel it's better to use batting and interface rather than interface alone for this bag. The result - the bag's good enough to rest you head on, seriously! :) This is because batting's mainly used to make quilts.

Anyway, do e-mail me if you like to purchase one. Have a good weekend everyone!